A collection of unique newspaper names

July 2, 2012

By Ken Blum
Black Ink

This marks the 30th anniversary of Black Ink in Publishers’ Auxiliary, so I want to have a little fun if it’s all right with you.
So I think I’ll forego the more serious financial topics common to this column, and offer a sampling of my collection of unique newspaper names.
(Which brings to mind, what does “Auxiliary” mean relative to hometown newspapers, and who was the National Newspaper Association guru who came up with the dignified title? Maybe a veteran member can provide the answer.)
Anyway, the following are some of my favorite newspaper names.

Names that highlight
local topography
The Plainsman, Hugo, CO
The Big Pasture News, Grandfield, OK
The Golden Prairie News, Assumption, IL
The Sky-Hi-News, Granby, CO
The Seaside Signal, Seaside, OR
The Valley Breeze, Cumberland, RI
The Mountain Ear, Nederland, CO
The Jetty, Port Aransas, TX
Names that pay homage
to local animals and insects
The Mountaintop Eagle, Mountaintop, PA
The Big Bug News, Mayer, AZ
The Big Bear Grizzly, Big Bear Lake, CA
The De Queen Bee (think about this one) De Queen, AR.
The Bird, Glenrock, WY
The Valley Roadrunner, Valley Center, CA

Names that reflect
the local economy
The Nugget, Nome, AK
The Reaper, Richfield, UT
The Locomotive, Lawrence, NE
The Wiregrass Farmer, Ashburn, GA
The Daily Mining Gazette, Houghton, MI
The Timber Lake Topic, Timber Lake, SD
The Gusher, Drumright, OK

Names inspired by the celestial
The Ozone-Press, Steele, ND
The Northern Light, Bathurst, AB
The Metropolis Planet, Metropolis, IL
The Hi-Desert Star, Yucca Valley, CA
The Mercury, Manhattan, KS
The Daily Comet, Lafourche Parish, LA
The Meteor, Crystal Springs, MS
(I always wondered why there are so many publications named after objects in the sky—most commonly, “The Sun”—but I can’t find a paper named after the good ol’ “Moon.”)

Poetic names that will have you running for the dictionary
or encyclopedia
The Flume, Bailey, CO
The Gleaner, Henderson, KY
The Zephyr, Galesburg, IL
The Meridional, Abbeville, LA
The Hesperian-Beacon, Floydata, TX
The Vidette, Hartsville, TN
The Aegis, Bel Air, MD

Short names that get
 right to the point
The Quiz, Ord, NE
The Paper, Escondido, CA
The Item, Sumter, SC
The Icon, Iowa City, IA
The Facts, Clute, TX
The Media, Kahoka, MO
The Favorite, Franklin, KY
And now—roll the drums, please—the name I pick as the most unique—a name that has never been duplicated—a name that will never be mistaken by readers—a name that inspires conversation in itself.
And that is—make that, those are—a dead heat between two newspapers: The Irregular, Kingfield, ME; and … The Blowing Rocket, Blowing Rock, NC. © Ken Blum 2012

Ken Blum is the publisher of Butterfly Publications, an advising/speaking/publishing business dedicated to improving the profitability and quality of community newspapers. He puts out a free e-mail newsletter 40 times a year titled Black Inklings. It features nuts and bolts ideas to improve revenue and profits at hometown papers. To subscribe to the newsletter or contact Ken, e-mail him at blummer@aol.com; or phone to 330-682-3416.

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