Business manners for publication staffs

January 2, 2013

By Bob Berting | Sales Advice

Everybody wants to be treated with dignity and respect. So show people in your workday world the consideration they deserve. Follow these guidelines to ensure your manners stay as polished as your most professional selling skills.

Your Own Co-Workers
• Their time is money, too. Avoid bothering them with idle chit chat, when they could be working toward their next big sale.
• Regardless of your titled position, you and your co-workers are a team.
• Don’t forget the magic words when co-workers complete a task for you—Thank You.
• Avoid insults or uncomplimentary language.

Business Lunch
At business lunches with customers, exhibit impeccable table etiquette. Let your guests know ahead of time if there is a dress code. Make sure your cell phone is on vibrate. Greet your guests at the door, perform introductions and get ready to be the stage manager for the meal. You decide the seating arrangement and establish rapport with the server. If there are more than four participants, always try to get a round table, which is more conductive to communication. Be sure to invite the guests to order first.

Table Etiquette
Your own personal bread plate will be on the left and your water glass is on the right. Don’t make the mistake of using your client’s plate or drinking his or her water. Also, restrain yourself from eating and drinking until all your guests are served.

The Conversation
For most salespeople, having a customer’s undivided attention is an irresistible opportunity to sell. But take a moment to put the sales pitch aside and have a conversation. See your client as a multi-dimensional human rather than a source of revenue. Place his or her feelings above your own. There’s no substitute for good manners and no excuse for bad ones. People like to help those who treat them with respect, kindness and consideration. © Bob Berting 2013

Bob Berting is a professional speaker, newspaper seminar leader, and publisher marketing consultant who has conducted more than 1,500 seminars for the newspaper industry. Bob has a new webinar program “Getting New Business and Keeping It.” for print media associations. The four consecutive week course covers four, one-hour topics: three-call selling system—understanding media competition—creating eye-catching ads—working with hard to please customers. Every association member purchasing the course receives a free Bob Berting e-book for the newspaper industry “Dynamic Advertising Sales and Image Power.” State, Regional, or National Association leadership can contact Bob at 800-536-5408 or to see when his course will be conducted. Berting Communications is located at 6330 Woburn Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46250.

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