Cash For Life Insurance Policies

February 16, 2018

Affinity Group Underwriters is now offering a new insurance service for NNA members. Did you know that you can sell a life insurance policy that is no longer needed? That’s not fake news and the 2017 Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, has made selling policies even more attractive. What if you could turn that old policy into extra cash? It might be possible.

Some of the reasons you might want to consider selling your policy include:

  • My business life insurance is no longer needed ‒ “I’m selling the paper”
  • My need for personal life insurance has disappeared ‒ “the kids are now adults”
  • I’m concerned that I might outlive my assets ‒ “we didn’t save enough”
  • The premiums are too high or about to increase ‒ “I’m getting older”
  • Health insurance has become a financial burden ‒ “our health care costs are soaring”
  • My debt service payments are too high ‒ “we are wasting our money paying interest”

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