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National Newspaper Association applauds progress on Fallen Journalists Memorial

January 16, 2020

National Newspaper Association President Matt Adelman, publisher of the Douglas (Wyoming) Budget, today recognized the work of the House Natural Resources Committee for approving the first stages of work for a Fallen Journalists Memorial.

(Member login required) Annual readership survey confirms community newspaper readers are voters

August 29, 2019

PENSACOLA, Florida — Newspaper readers are voters, and the National Newspaper Association’s annual readership survey of more than 1,000 people from rural and urban communities across the country once again validated that point. 

National Newspaper Association supports establishment of fallen journalists memorial

June 26, 2019

National Newspaper Association President Andrew Johnson, publisher of the Dodge County Pionier, Mayville, Wisconsin, today threw the support of NNA behind proposed legislation to allow a new memorial in Washington, D.C., for journalists killed in the line of duty.

Confidence survey to see how newspapers are performing

August 30, 2011

The newspaper industry is changing quickly and publishers are quite interested in how other newspapers are performing, and what they see in the near future. Please take part in the Cribb, Greene Publisher Confidence Survey.

News Guru: Millennials of this generation aren’t so different from most of us when we were in our 20s

January 1, 2020

Steve Andrist, executive director of North Dakota Newspaper Association, asked me an interesting question yesterday. It was related to my visit to Bismarck in October to work with a focus group of millennials from throughout the state who met together to spend a good part of a day looking at and discussing newspapers.

Prior to my trip to Bismarck, I did what I often do: I surveyed newspaper readers and non-readers throughout the U.S. and Canada to determine what differences there were, if any, between the general population and millennials related to interest in newspapers. After meeting with the focus group in Bismarck, I met with North Dakota publishers to discuss what we had learned during the day. A week or so later, I wrote a report for NDNA with the findings of the focus group.
Steve’s question yesterday was simple, “Do you have any quick advice on what you’d suggest newspapers do with this information?”

Local Matters: We can't be afraid to confront this

January 1, 2020

A sweeping new Pew Center report that examines trust in the media confirmed an uneasy truth that we can no longer afford to ignore. It’s not just that our readers don’t trust us. They think we are unethical.

And like everything else in America right now, it’s a partisan truth.

Independent writers sue California to protect rights of freelancers

January 1, 2020

LOS ANGELES — The rights of independent journalists are under attack. In response, the American Society of Journalists and Authors Inc. filed suit against the state of California in federal court to stop a new law from violating the Constitution and devastating the careers of freelance journalists such as writers and photographers.

“We have no choice but to go to court to protect the rights of independent writers and freelance journalists as a whole,” said Milton C. Toby, JD, president of ASJA. “The stakes are too high, and we cannot stand by as our members and our colleagues face ill-conceived and potentially career-ending legislation.”

National Newspaper Association calls for respect for reporters on the job

December 16, 2019

National Newspaper Association President Matthew Adelman, publisher of the Douglas (Wyoming) Budget, issued a call for civility and respect for journalists as they do their jobs. His call follows the release of a news report about a reporter in Chattooga County (Georgia) who was attacked while covering a local meeting.


Lee Enterprises and TownNews partner with Google News Initiative to develop paywall technology

December 1, 2019

In a rapidly expanding digital universe, maximizing the value of unique content presents a great challenge. For years, publishers have struggled to balance the need to maintain and grow their online news audiences with the desire to assign fair value to their exclusive local content through the use of a paywall. Lee Enterprises — a media company that operates digital and print publications in 50 U.S. markets in 20 states — is taking a new approach to paywalls, and they are partnering with Google to develop the technology.

Margaret Kincaid Look

December 1, 2019

Margaret K. Look, affectionately known to her family as “Meema,” died Oct. 21, 2019, in Billings, Montana, at the age of 103.

Margaret was born Aug. 5, 1916, in Bristol, Virginia, to Samuel C. Kincaid Jr. and Anna Margaret Baron. She grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from the Ellis School in Pittsburgh and later from Cornell University in 1936, where she was a member of the crew team.

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