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RJI Fellow expands work on mobile news app for smaller news organizations

October 16, 2017

Push notifications from The New York Times, the Guardian, BuzzFeed and The Washington Post alert us every day to scandal, horror, scientific achievement and grief. However, this capability lies mainly in the realm of large news organizations.

Norwegian newspapers see circulation growth

October 16, 2017

Norway is a newspaper-loving country; its 5 million people sustain 227 newspapers, most of them local and regional. After years of steady decline in circulation and subscriber numbers, Norwegian newspapers finally seem to have turned the tide. The industry’s problems are not solved, not by far, but the introduction of digital subscriptions gives reason for optimism. In fact, 2016 was the first year in more than a decade without a worrying decline in the number of local newspaper subscribers, and 2017 is proving to be a year of industry growth.

TX weekly evacuates in face of storm

October 16, 2017

On a small island just off the Texas shore, the staff of the South Jetty worked to bring the latest information to its hurricane-ravaged community.

NENPA offered free legal services to reporters covering Boston protests

September 13, 2017

After thousands of people attended the Aug. 20 “Free Speech Rally” and counter-demonstrations in Boston, the New England Newspaper & Press Association and Prince Lobel Tye offered free legal services to any reporter who was arrested or faced difficulties with the police when covering the protests this weekend. These free services are also available to reporters facing legal trouble after the protests during other activities that may have stemmed from the event.
“Typically, these legal services are provided free only to NENPA members,” said Michael Schroeder, NENPA president and publisher of Central Connecticut Communications. “However, the association recognizes the magnitude of the situation in Boston and is working with Prince Lobel Tye to offer free legal counsel to any journalist in any media outlet regardless of membership status.”

‘We talk a lot about the importance of good writing …’

September 13, 2017

While battles against the news media rage across social media platforms and throughout the marble halls of the nation’s capital, in the small town of Eldon, MO, the local newspaper is building its own nation of newspaper champions, starting with fifth graders.

More than 220 of the state’s newspapers participated in a program of printing blank front pages during the week of Aug. 13-18, in conjunction with the Minnesota Newspaper Association’s 150 anniversary.

Readers in MN face blank front pages

September 12, 2017

More than 220 Minnesota newspapers printed nearly or completely bank front pages in August as part of the Minnesota Newspaper Association’s 150th anniversary celebration.

4 ways a MO daily uses Facebook Live to engage its community

August 23, 2017

COLUMBIA, MO—When Facebook rolled out its live broadcast feature in December 2015, it opened a new channel for engaging audiences and serving content on the platform.

Edgecombe named NE Master Editor-Publisher

August 23, 2017

John Edgecombe Jr., publisher of the Nebraska Signal in Geneva, NE, has been named Master Editor-Publisher by the Nebraska Press Association.

Governor signs Nevada’s New Voices bill

August 23, 2017

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has signed the New Voices Senate Bill 420 into law in Carson City at Nevada’s 79th legislative session, extending press freedom for high school and college journalists and advisers.

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