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Moving from routine to highly relevant: How to improve meeting coverage

November 1, 2019

This column is aimed at every single journalist working anywhere in the world now and in the future.

That’s a big bill to fill, but with tips to improve coverage of any type of meeting, the following concepts apply both to a rookie reporter covering a town board for a small weekly paper and a grizzled veteran monitoring the U.S. Congress for a national news service.

We all cover meetings, and we can all always do better. Here are some tactics to improve meeting coverage.

Stories come to life when reporters find ‘real people’

October 1, 2019

Police, government officials and experts have a lot of knowledge and are easy go-to sources for reporters working in understaffed newsrooms with multiple deadlines and requirements to publish on multiple platforms.

But those same sources tend to have agendas, ways of controlling messages and high-level views of issues that can sometimes misstate, mischaracterize or obscure what is really happening to people on the ground.

It is time to recognize the journalists who gave their all

July 1, 2019

An editorial by the National Newspaper Association

WASHINGTON, D.C. — World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle died during the invasion of Okinawa in 1945.  In his pocket was a draft of his last column, “On Victory in Europe.” He wrote, “...the companionship of two and a half years of death and misery is a spouse that tolerates no divorce. Such companionship finally becomes a part of one’s soul, and it cannot be obliterated.”

Are you a ‘Thalidomide Baby’?

June 17, 2019

ST. PAUL, Minnesota — US Thalidomide Survivors, a nonprofit organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota, is looking for people born between 1957 and 1963 with defects possibly caused by their mother taking thalidomide in the first trimester of pregnancy.

History’s greatest war correspondent columns available to NNA members

May 9, 2019

The son of a tenant farming parents in west-central Indiana, Ernie Pyle became history’s greatest war correspondent. When Pyle was killed by a Japanese machine gun bullet on the tiny Pacific island of Ie Shima in 1945, his columns were being delivered to more than 14 million homes according to his New York Times obituary.

We Should Protest Proposed Restrictions on White House Protests

October 19, 2018

The White House. To the world, it's the image of the United States.

Can Brennan make a First Amendment case? Yes, to 'us'

August 28, 2018

Does former CIA director John Brennan have a First Amendment case against President Trump for pulling Brennan's national security clearance?

'Enemies of the people?' Simply, plainly – 'no'

August 16, 2018

A free press brings us the news of the day, from weather to Wall Street, and when done properly functions as a "watchdog on government." The public expects that first part, and the First Amendment — on behalf of all of us — protects that last part.

Printing Guns: Looking at All the Dimensions

August 9, 2018

Are 3-D printer designs protected by the First Amendment? This was the legal defense raised by Cody Wilson back in 2015, who faced prosecution for violating federal gun export laws after he created a gun with a 3-D printer and then posted the blueprints online for others to download and use. Wilson claimed that this violated his right to share information freely. The State Department settled its case against him in July 2018, and for a few days Wilson was able to distribute the blueprints on his website and revel in his success at using the First Amendment to protect the Second Amendment. But by the end of last week, attorneys general in 20 states had filed suit against both the State Department and Wilson, in an effort to force the State Department to rescind its settlement. The states raised a constitutional claim of their own — that the settlement violated the 10th Amendment, which gives states the right to make their own laws, including those governing gun control.

Does It Really Matter That Americans Don't Know Exactly What The First Amendment Says?

July 16, 2018

The majority of Americans are supportive of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, but are also unaware of exactly what those rights are, according to the recently released 2018 State of the First Amendment survey by the First Amendment Center of the Freedom Forum Institute.

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