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Using Augmented Reality at Your Newspaper

About the program:  S&R Media LLC, which publishes The Navigator, The Carmi Chronicle, and The Prairie Post in Ilinois, recently began using augmented reality for some of its sports coverage and ... December 11, 2017

Older Pub Aux Live programs

Cross-department circulation building About this program: The Lancaster News came up with a way to increase its single-copy sales, increase subscriptions and increase ad revenue. This plan involved sampling ... December 11, 2017

NNAF wants YOU!

The National Newspaper Association Foundation wants you! It is that charitable-giving time of year and the National Newspaper Association Foundation is asking members to please consider making a fully ... December 11, 2017

Two wrongs do not make a 'right' — but they can misuse one

Didn't we all learn, long ago, that "two wrongs don't make a right"? But two wrongs can misuse a right — as in our right to free expression, guaranteed by the First Amendment. December 7, 2017

We're a big part of the fix for 'junk news'

Let's stop talking so much about "fake news." Not that we should ever cease identifying, talking about or countering misinformation, be it accidental error, the result of negligent work, or deliberately ... November 14, 2017

LEGACY.COM SHARES FIRST LOOK AT OBITWRITER‚Ą† AT NFDA CONVENTION, the world's top destination for people seeking obituaries and funeral service information, announced today that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Narrative Science, the leader ... November 14, 2017

Important National Debate on Tax Reform Preserves Advertising Expense Deduction—So Far

An important national debate on reform of the federal tax code was initiated today by House of Representatives leadership. It appears that the first versions of the bill recognize the critical importance ... November 2, 2017

Stay vigilant with your representatives about ad tax bill

We have pounded the halls of Congress and you have kept the telephones busy as we watch for Congress to impose a tax on advertising by changing the way business expenses are claimed by your customers. November 2, 2017

Shouting Down Free Speech

Is the First Amendment truly in danger? It can certainly seem like it when every week some new and alarming event happens that makes people wonder if our freedom to express ourselves is slipping away. November 1, 2017

NNA Board of Directors

The National Newspaper Association is governed by a Board of directors elected by the Association's membership at the business meeting held during the annual convention.Directors represents 11 regions ...

TX weekly evacuates in face of storm

On a small island just off the Texas shore, the staff of the South Jetty worked to bring the latest information to its hurricane-ravaged community. October 16, 2017

Ad tax looms for businesses

The threat of a federal tax on advertising loomed large in September as the nation awaited the appearance of proposed tax reform legislation from Congress. Groups with a stake in any aspect of the Internal ... October 16, 2017

Norwegian newspapers see circulation growth

Norway is a newspaper-loving country; its 5 million people sustain 227 newspapers, most of them local and regional. After years of steady decline in circulation and subscriber numbers, Norwegian newspapers ... October 16, 2017

More newspapers should do this

The Aug. 30 issue of the Scranton (PA) Times-Tribune featured a story by public-notice reporting wiz Jim Lockwood about the annual “upset sale” of tax-delinquent properties in Lackawan-na County. ... October 16, 2017

RJI Fellow expands work on mobile news app for smaller news organizations

Push notifications from The New York Times, the Guardian, BuzzFeed and The Washington Post alert us every day to scandal, horror, scientific achievement and grief. However, this capability lies mainly ... October 16, 2017

‘My biggest fear is I don’t know what they will have to come back to’

Mike Dalton’s crystal ball is foggy these days. He represents the Dalton family’s fifth generation to own and publish the weekly Cannon Falls (MN) Beacon, the small-town newspaper that has ... October 16, 2017

Getting sales ready for the holidays: Plan Now

Yes, it’s October—a good time to chug a jug of cider, carve a pumpkin, and savor the fall foliage. October 16, 2017

Planning strategy for holiday advertising

Now is the time for newspaper salespeople to approach their customers (as well as prospects and inactives) to discuss holiday advertising and to maximize their role as a marketing consultant. To be more ... October 16, 2017

Make selling for the holidays both fun and profitable

The National Retail Federation reports that holiday sales topped $658 billion last year, and this year’s holiday forecast from Deloitte projects a roughly 4.5 percent increase in holiday spending. ... October 16, 2017

Chapter Three: You need to get out on the street

I’ve been selling newspaper advertising for more than half a century, and I’ve seen both good and tough times. There have been clients who’ve welcomed me with open arms and others who’ve ... October 16, 2017

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