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Industry-related pubs begin to take notice of growing community newspapers

July 6, 2016

A few months back, I had breakfast with the publisher of a very successful community newspaper in Minnesota. As we walked around the restaurant, I was introduced to local residents enjoying their muffins and eggs. At one table, a customer asked what I was doing in their city.


In a digital world, the personal touch still counts

July 6, 2016

When Cheryl Ves-point, a former banker, took over ownership of The Barberton (OH) Herald in 2005, the responsibilities that were most challenging had nothing to do with the economy, keeping the paper afloat or covering tough issues in the news.


New overtime rule may backfire into less news and fewer jobs

May 18, 2016

A new rule governing overtime pay for employees will create disruption at small newspapers and likely lead to more job cutbacks, National Newspaper Association President Chip Hutcheson, publisher of The Times-Leader in Princeton, KY, said today. He expressed disappointment that the U.S. Department of Labor had rejected calls by many small businesses to introduce a more modified and gradually-rising threshold that sets overtime-eligible employees apart from professional staff.

South Dakotan’s Sunshine Week column was published in all 50 states

May 9, 2016

A community journalist from South Dakota produced open government editorials that reached hundreds of thousands of readers far beyond the borders of his native Rushmore State.


Making things right at your paper

May 9, 2016

The past four weeks have been a blur. I remember driving along a beach in Florida, using a snow shovel for the first time during a blizzard in Minnesota, eating pizza with old friends in Des Moines and standing in front of audiences in both Rochester and Saratoga Springs, NY.


WNA offers Memorial Day special section to members

May 9, 2016

MADISON, WI—For the past two years, the Wisconsin Newspaper Association and its members have joined the effort to find all of the photos of Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans who are listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington. WNA members have been credited with finding more than 450 of the photos and were integral in the project’s completion just before Memorial Day 2015.


GA twice-weekly fights for its community

May 9, 2016

JESUP, GA—If it is a newspaper’s duty to print the news and raise hell, the Press-Sentinel of Jesup, GA, is answering the call and rattling Satan’s rafters over a proposed coal-ash dump at the county landfill.


Volunteers, community newspaper boost teens’ chances of winning college scholarships

April 5, 2016

They arrived early on a Saturday morning—not the usual hour for teenagers—and found the only open door along the quiet, cavernous hallway of an empty Hickman High School in Columbia, MO. Stomping snow from boots and rubbing chilled hands together, they found us in the media center and sat down, one by one, at the lit computer screen.


You might be losing more than pages with lower page counts

April 5, 2016

There is a rule of thumb, which almost always proves to be true at newspaper conventions: attendance drops drastically on Saturday morning. There are plenty of theories on the subject from “too much fun on Friday night” to “heading home to be with the kids.”


Creating a capitol news bureau: Making state government a local issue

April 5, 2016

The story begins this way: In Washington State, where the Legislature and governor face $100,000-a-day contempt penalties imposed by the state’s Supreme Court for not responsibly funding constitutionally-mandated basic education …


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