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GA paper wins fight against coal ash dump

May 3, 2017

After a fight lasting 462 days, a fundraising effort yielding $1 million in pledges, letters of support from former President Jimmy Carter and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, three special sections and one coloring contest, 12,000 inches of free advertising worth $93,000, and too many hours of hard work to count, residents of rural Wayne County, GA, fought off the efforts of a Fortune 500 solid waste giant that proposed to dump millions of tons of coal ash in a local landfill.


Trust in the media at historic low

April 12, 2017

Trust in “the mass media, such as newspapers, TV and radio” in polls taken by the Gallup Organization was at 32 percent last year, the lowest ever—and was significantly lower than the 40 percent recorded in 2015. Rural newspapers have often presumed that such trends don’t affect them, because they’re in closer touch with smaller communities, where readers know the people at the paper. That is not as safe an assumption as it once was, based on some events, trends and issues we’ve reported lately in The Rural Blog.


Tourists, private enterprise give Cuba much-needed boost

April 12, 2017

Running an Italian restaurant plus a small bed and breakfast keeps owner Yucimy on her feet from sunrise to well past sunset. It’s 7 a.m., and she is already preparing omelets for her five B&B guests. Her cheerful greeting helps everyone shake off a night’s sleep.


Ways to make your computer run faster, safer this year

March 13, 2017

We’re off to a new and exciting start this New Year.


A visit with Buckeye State newspapers cures my winter ‘funk’

March 13, 2017

Convention season is an interesting time in the life of a speaker. Most years, I’ll travel directly from one convention to the next between late January and June. Some years, the travel doesn’t slow until July or August.


Content providers want to help community papers

March 13, 2017

If your newspaper is looking for some extra content, there are companies out there ready and willing to help, but there is a cost involved—sometimes.


Use of syndicated content remains steady Good Coverage

March 13, 2017

The amount of syndicated content used by community newspapers has stayed fairly steady, according to a non-scientific survey done by Publishers’ Auxiliary.


ND weekly helps chamber create TV ad

December 7, 2016

The Crosby Journal took to the streets to help its Chamber of Commerce produce a commercial that promotes its downtown businesses.


Selling Against Social: Digital Traffic

December 7, 2016

How do you or your sales staff respond when posed with the dreaded, “We rely on social media for our advertising” or “We don’t have any budget for print this year” objections? If you’re like a lot of newspaper sales representatives these days, you might respond with a blank stare, or maybe the classic tuck your tail and run approach. Instead of those failed responses, embrace the objection, and tackle it with these three steps.


Despite massive flooding, NC papers print on

December 7, 2016

When North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory interrupted a soggy North Carolina State University football game to declare a state of emergency Oct. 8, circumstances got real for residents and businesses in low-lying areas from the coastal plain to the Sandhill region in the south central part of the state.


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