NNA works daily on postal issues that affect community newspapers. Its goals are to achieve fair rates, efficient service and a level competitive playing field between newspapers and direct mail competitors.

NNA represents community newspapers:

  • On the Postal Service’s Mailers Technical Advisory Committee

  • Before the Postal Regulatory Commission

  • With the House Oversight and Government Committee

  • The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee

Some of NNA’s achievements include:

  • Preserving the lowest commercial postage rate in the system—the Within County privilege—for community newspapers for more than 120 years

  • Gaining a new 5 percent discount for Outside County postage for total mailings of under 5,000 copies when a paper has the Within County privilege

  • Making sure a newspaper does not lose the privilege just because a postal carrier’s route wanders outside a county line

  • Gaining an extension for the requirement to shift to a new Intelligent Mail Barcode for automation discounts

  • Preserving next-day or better service standards for periodicals entered at local post offices or mail distribution facilities

Postal Q & A … from the NNA postal hotline …

March 14, 2018

Every now and then, I like to share with all National Newspaper Association members some of the calls and emails we get from members where we have helped them in their businesses. Here’s a sample of recent, and hopefully relevant, questions with answers.

Flats trays can now be prepared without lids

February 12, 2018

The U.S. Postal Service has granted Periodical newspapers the option of preparing flats trays (white tubs) without lids and strapping, as required since 2006.

USPS eliminates green lids for some flats trays

February 1, 2018

National Newspaper Association President Susan Rowell, publisher of the Lancaster (SC) News, today celebrated a new ruling from the U.S. Postal Service that will make newspaper mailing easier.

NNA tracking multiple postal issues at MTAC

December 29, 2017

Overshadowing everything at the Dec. 5-6 meeting of the Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee at Postal Service headquarters in Washington was the Dec. 1 filing by the Postal Regulatory Commission. Changes to the pricing scheme were proposed to allow more money to flow from mailers to the U.S. Postal Service over the next five years. PRC acted absent any legislation from Congress, despite the National Newspaper Association’s efforts to pass a new law.

Reasonable postal increases could hit a wall

December 29, 2017

An abrupt end to a decade of inflation-capped postage increases looms ahead for community newspapers in 2018 if the Postal Regulatory Commission proceeds with a new rate-setting system that could add to newspapers’ postage costs from as much as 60 percent to 75 percent over five years.

Periodical best practices to save postage under 2018 prices

December 28, 2017

As outlined last month, community newspapers once again have an inflationary price increase under the 2006 postal reform act, passed with the National Newspaper Association’s help, and with several newspaper rule improvements.

Postal rate increase Jan. 21 likely about 2%

October 16, 2017

The official inflation factor used to file price increases under the current postal reform law of 2006, in which the National Newspaper Association was instrumental, is 1.9 percent for the 12-month average used by the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Expired subscribers, Requester copies for NIE use, and identification statement required content

September 13, 2017

Q & A from NNA
postal hotline …

Statement of ownership filing for October deadline

September 13, 2017

The publisher of each publication sent Periodicals Class Mail, including foreign publications accepted at Periodicals rates, must file Form 3526 by Oct. 1 of each year at the original entry post office. If Oct. 1 falls on a Saturday, the post office would expect to receive it by close of business on Sept. 30.

How newspapers may insert their own magazines, etc.

August 23, 2017

As publishers seek to offer new publications within their markets, they often ask the NNA Postal Hotline how they may insert their own magazines or other special publications, such as antique or tourist guides, into their mailed newspapers as value-added material.

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