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Newspaper scores big with community partnership

September 16, 2019

SmallTownPapers, Inc. is pleased to announce it has completed the digitization of The Issaquah (Washington) Press and its predecessor The Issaquah Independent, giving the community online access to the documented history dating back to the newspaper's founding nearly 120 years ago in this small town 30 miles outside of Seattle.

The Issaquah Press began digitizing its archives with SmallTownPapers 14 years ago, but was only able to scan a representative portion from each decade. Fast forward a dozen years when SmallTownPapers re-engaged the newspaper, along with the local historical society, with a goal of completing the project. The nonprofit Issaquah History Museums was as eager as the newspaper to have archives digitally preserved and, more importantly, made easy to access and search online, so they included scanning in their capital campaign.

SCS’s corporate customers continue to grow with Layout-8000

September 16, 2019

Nazareth, PA — Three of SCS’s corporate customers have recently committed to expanding their enterprise Layout-8000 environments. Layout-8000 has been the industry-leading ad dummying system since 1983, dummying more than 2,000 editions every day for publications around the world.

Lee Enterprises — a media company based in Davenport, Iowa, that owns newspapers in 21 states — is an established SCS customer. Lee Enterprises purchased Wisconsin’s Kenosha News and Lake Geneva Regional News in January 2019, expanding their footprint in the state. These new publications are already live with Layout-8000 in the corporate pagination center in Munster, Indiana, where the majority of Lee’s 46 daily newspapers and nearly 300 specialty publications are produced using SCS’s enterprise solution.

The PDI Group expands capabilities with Push to Stop technology from Heidelberg

September 16, 2019

KENNESAW, Georgia — After months of deliberation, PDI Group, the largest independent sheetfed print company in Quebec, has purchased a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-5 with LED Drying Technology in order to expand its offerings to customers.

DryStar UV – the most cost-efficient way to dry 

PDI Group has grown substantially in the past few years, due in part to strategic diversification efforts. According to Gaetano DiTrapani, CEO of PDI Group, and Jamie Barbieri, president of PDI Group, “It was time to take stock of our sheet-fed printing operations and rejuvenate our capabilities within the organization in order to better serve our customers.”

Only one deadline? Why?

December 27, 2018

You’ve done it again. Success! Every page in this week’s (or day’s) paper is in by deadline. It took some doing, but like almost every issue before it, you’ve created another miracle: cramming thousands of words and photos together into your latest newspaper. And, you’ve and done it on deadline.

Infographics: Tips and tools

October 31, 2018

Infographic building is a skill that some of us just don’t have. If you have the time, you could learn to use Adobe After Effects, or if you have the budget, hire someone who is a pro. But if you’re like us and had to dive in with no experience, here are a few tools that can help you create professional looking infographics.

Turning your design around

October 31, 2018

Sometimes a design just goes stale. Over the course of even just a few years, inconsistencies creep in, color use gets out of hand and odd typefaces appear. Stuff happens.

Market shift caused newsprint financial change

October 31, 2018

Domestic newsprint producers may not be in good financial shape, but imports from Canada are not the reason, the International Trade Commission said in September.

If you fail to plan …

October 22, 2018

Those who have read this column over the years have probably seen this quote before: “If you fail to plan—then you plan to fail.”

Could upgrading to a new CTP device boost productivity?

October 22, 2018

Many newspapers in the industry today are still using platesetters that were installed more than 10 years ago, and they’re missing out on some of the newer technology that could help their business. Upgrading to a new computer-to-plate device is a quick and cost-effective way for a newspaper to become more productive and efficient.

Who’s your friend?

August 14, 2018

I’m a friendly guy. Most people who know me genuinely like me—and I like them.

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