Immigrants contribute to national economy despite lawmakers efforts to reform

May 1, 2015

Immigrants in the U.S. started 28 percent of all new businesses in 2011, and businesses owned by immigrants employed approximately 4.7 million people in 2007, according to the Partnership for a New American Economy and the Fiscal Policy Institute.

Background checks to buy firearms finds some consensus

April 30, 2013

Five years ago, David Steed started a career as a state corrections officer working in Athens, GA. In that time, multiple culprits felt the cold steel of his handcuffs on their wrists for illegally carrying firearms.

Gun control issue fosters disconnect between feds and states

April 30, 2013

At 9:33 a.m., I was giving a presentation in my Mass Media and Society class at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I was discussing the ethical implications of social media and journalism all the while trying to keep my classmates’ eyes from drooping.

In Mississippi, protecting the Second Amendment is the emotional issue

April 30, 2013

Rep. Allan Nunnelee, R-Tupelo, wanted to make sure he left no doubt how he felt on the question of any gun restrictions.

Gun control legislation in IL spurs heated debate

April 30, 2013

The push for more restrictive gun control laws has spurred debate throughout the nation and the state of Illinois, with public opinion hinging on factors of tragedy and constitutionality.

Immigration issues focus of students’ stories

May 1, 2015

Ten college students came to Washington in mid-March to participate in the National Newspaper Association Foundation’s News Fellows Program. This is the third year the foundation has held this program. Journalism students travel to the Washington area, funded by the state press associations in their states, to report on a topic of national importance. This year, the topic was immigration. The students were given the opportunity to meet with policymakers and policy influencers during their time in the city. They also met with their states’ congressional representatives. What follows are the columns and articles they wrote from meetings and interviews.

The National Newspaper Association Foundation wants you

December 2, 2014

It is that charitable-giving time of the year, and the National Newspaper Association Foundation is asking members to please consider making a fully tax-deductible gift to the non-profit arm of the National Newspaper Association that does so much to help your business.

Mentoring young journalists has rewards

May 6, 2014

Is journalism dead? Some would say so. Many think it already has gone along with the land line telephone.

Snowden’s disclosures caused political divisions

May 6, 2014

Hero. Whistleblower. Coward. Traitor. These are some of the names that Edward Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor, was called after leaking confidential documents concerning data collection by the NSA last June.

Is the NSA Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ watching us or our big brother looking out for us?

May 6, 2014

There is irrefutable evidence U.S. citizens are being watched, thousands, perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, daily. The only questions remaining unclear are: Who is doing the watching? And are the rights of everyday, law-abiding Americans being violated?

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