Who’s on your obituary site?

February 26, 2015

Did you know that 10 percent of obituary site visitors are veterans? That women make up 70 percent of visitors, or that you have as many visitors under the age of 34 as you do who are over 65? At Legacy.com, we did some digging to find who is visiting obituary sites. 


Why do people visit?

• Mourners come to find out about the death of a specific person, pay their respects and find service information. They visit our site less than four times in a six-month period and make up 56 percent of the total audience on the site.

• Browsers are habitual obituary readers or those who want to stay informed. They visit the site repeatedly (at least four times within a six-month period) and on average, they view more than five pages per session. Browsers make up 44 percent of total audience on the site.


Who’s Visiting?

We found 10 unique personas on obituary sites, each visiting for different reasons. From 24-year-old Kat, the “Young Sympathetic” persona to John, the 71-year-old “Veteran” and Tina, the 44-year-old “Experienced Mom” to Edith, the 89-year-old “Mrs. Peabody.” We learned lot about each of the 10 personas, including their interests and affinities, if they’re a browser or a mourner, and how they’re accessing online obituaries through newspapers.


Get Your Obituary Audience Guide

Want to know who else is visiting your obituary site and why? We compiled all the data into a handy obituary guide that can be downloaded at sales.legacy.com.

A persona is a representation of the goals and behaviors of a group of users using all available data, with a few fictional personal details to make a realistic character that is easier to understand. Through these personas, we hope to bring to life the key patterns of the people you’ll find on our website. View the guide at sales.legacy.com.

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