Multimedia ad solutions for newspapers

July 6, 2016

By Jo-Ann Johnson
Sales Consultant | Metro Creative Graphics

Thanks in large part to the steady rise of technology, the world has become bigger and smaller in the 21st century. Although vast amounts of content from all corners of the earth can be accessed in seconds, people in cities, towns and neighborhoods continue to rely on community-based publications for local coverage. Such publications provide information and insight on everything from community news to national and international events to regional entertainment options, all the while showcasing local advertisers.

Readers also count on community publications to foster a sense of belonging and showcase shared common perspectives. And locally based publications are a vital tool to engage common action on behalf of a community. As the world has become more complex and our perspective has grown increasingly global, people are hungry for hometown connections and events, ideas and experiences that bring them together—everything from cheering on local sports teams to keeping up with local businesses. Community publications also provide that sense of place and feeling of continuity.

As a result, the job of a community publication is multilayered and multifaceted. It is not simply to provide local news and information, but to create a strong and ongoing sense of community through its coverage, content and advertising in a rapidly changing, multimedia marketplace. And community publications face the ever-present challenge of sustaining quality and generating revenue with fewer and fewer resources.

This is the basis for the website my company runs— It is designed to give publishers ready-to-present advertising solutions that we believe will meet their advertisers’ objectives and could lead to closed sales and long-term relationships. It contains the creative resources salespeople need to execute promotions, inspire creativity and tailor promotions to the local business community. Use of these ad development solutions makes news media companies the drivers of their local media landscape.

From its outset, the site has provided a one-stop source for items publications need to create and sell effective advertising promotions. Equally important, it was designed for accessibility and portability. Its intuitive navigation dispenses with the need for training, and it can be used by anyone—from designers to salespeople to advertisers—to generate ideas, peruse creative options and create finished ads in minutes. We think newspapers appreciate this flexibility, but it’s especially valuable to those publications that frequently ask their increasingly smaller staffs to wear multiple hats.

Another key to successful revenue generation—dynamic sales planning—is at the heart of every MCC offering. Each month, we presents 18 different “Top Ad Sales Prospects” that offer specially selected, season-specific spec ads that are formatted for print, web and mobile environments and can be sold individually or packaged into a multimedia campaign. In addition, my company’s new MiAD Wizard enables on-the-go sales professionals to personalize and present spec ads for prospects in a matter of minutes. Some of the other features allow users to save selections, connect people or departments with shared projects, and create virtual sales teams. With these and other resources, advertising teams have everything they need to create, sell and profit.

Successful revenue generation for today’s publications depends on being equipped with strategic offerings that meet advertisers’ needs and objectives through locally focused print, online and mobile advertising promotions designed to maximize earnings. By expanding the professional and creative resources available to their design, production and sales teams, community publications can ensure that their advertising efforts are hitting home.


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