What to say when advertisers say ‘No’

December 11, 2013

By Jerry Bellune
Publishers' Toolbox 

December should be a slam-dunk for your salespeople. This is the month in retailing. As owners and publishers, we need to plan for the dark days of January and February.

This is when retailing goes into a tailspin and retailers all but close their doors. That’s a bad idea. Actually, January and February are the months where your advertisers should be advertising.

Your people, like ours, run into what we call SORs. These are “stalls, objections and rejections.” In a recent sales session, we discussed the SORs we hear the most and how to respond.

1. “I don’t have the money to advertise because sales are down.”

Response: “You know, Mr./Mrs. Advertiser, I hear that and appreciate your feeling. Our advertisers have found that this is an ideal time to advertise because:

• Their competition isn’t advertising, leaving a clear field for them.

• Their competition loses customers because they aren’t advertising their specials.

• By advertising consistently online and in print each week, they increase their market share.

• By making strong offers to their ideal customers, they attract new business.

• By offering something free, at a discount or with a gift with a purchase, they attract more business.

2. “I advertised with you and got little or no results.”

Response: “You know, Mr./Mrs. Advertiser, I hear that and appreciate your feeling.

“We used to provide branding advertising like everyone else.

“But since we started offering direct response advertising:

• Our advertisers get more traffic and make more sales.

• They track response to their advertising to measure results.

• They and their people record every call, contact and sale.

• They know exactly in dollars collected how much return they receive on their ad investment.

3. “I’m advertising (or planning to advertise) in _____________.”

Response: “You know, Mr./Mrs. Advertiser, I hear that and appreciate your feeling.

“It’s smart to advertise in local media. Most of our advertisers use us and several other media and have found:

• They reach more prospects, attract more traffic and close more sales.

• They target advertising offers to their ideal prospects.

• They reach wealthier, mature adult consumers who are in the market for their goods and services.

If you are masterminding about dealing with SORs with your sales team, congratulations.

If you aren’t, let me suggest that you start doing it this week.

For recommendations on how to gain the most value from the time committed, e-mail me.

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Jerry Bellune teaches newspaper owners the strategies that have made his family’s book, newspaper and digital publishing businesses successful. You can write to him at JerryBellune@yahoo.com.

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