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June 6, 2014

D-Day is an appropriate time for us to recall the sacrifices made by those serving and who have served in our Armed Forces. To mark this occasion, the Ernie Pyle World War II Museum in Dana, IN, and Scripps Howard Foundation offer the reprint of three columns written by Ernie Pyle immediately after the Normandy invasion. It’s a reminder to all of the ultimate sacrifice made by so many Americans to maintain the freedoms we enjoy.

If you decide to use the materials for your recognition of the (June 6) 70th anniversary of D-Day, we ask that you consider adding a paragraph about the Ernie Pyle World War II Museum. Donations may be made through the museum website at

Included in the package are copies of three columns, a short bio of Pyle, headshots, and mention of the museum that you could use. Understanding space limitations, you may want to consider printing one of the columns and uploading all three to your newspaper website.

If you want to expose your readers to additional columns by Ernie Pyle, you could include the following link to the Indiana University School of Journalism, housed in Ernie Pyle Hall on the Bloomington, Indiana, campus, where your readers can access additional stories written by him:

If you have any questions about this 70th anniversary of the D-Day suggestion or about the Friends of Ernie Pyle or the Ernie Pyle World War II Museum, feel free to contact me at

I also ask that you consider making a donation to the museum, either personally or through your newspaper. It only seems proper that efforts to preserve the legacy of the most famous World War II correspondent be supported by current journalists.

Thanks for considering this tribute to veterans and Ernie Pyle.


-—Stephen Key, Executive Director and General Counsel
Hoosier State Press Association
and Member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of Ernie Pyle

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