Maintaining revenue by increasing value

July 8, 2014

By William Ryker
Sales Director | Anygraaf USA Inc.

Value in publishing is not measured exclusively by cost, but by relevance, service and experience.

Whether it is editorial content or advertising campaign management, your readers are measuring the value of their experience with your using evolving methods. It’s a fancy way of saying that their decisions about reading your digital and print products or supporting them with advertising, isn’t as simple an answer as these and other questions:

Do I like this story, this writer or this presentation of information? Or: What does the ad cost?

Readers want to access your content via multiple screens and using their tools of choice. Online, mobile apps, social media, e-mail marketing and traditional print product are part of any newspaper’s array of channels to capture the new currency—relevance.

Tweets, Facebook posts, videos and text messages have increased the demand for immediacy in your news and your brand. Fueling multiple channels requires not only comprehensive planning but also effective management of technology and human resources. Delivering content to your readers using each channel’s strengths, while understanding that channel’s weaknesses, is the difference between success and failure as a publisher.

Advertisers are always looking for more value for their advertising dollar. Your sales team works to maximize that value by offering more opportunities for digital and print ad placement. It’s hard work, and it’s harder without digital uploading of ad material, sales force automation, and issue planning.

Sales staff is not only selling and fulfilling, they are tasked with evangelizing new channels, new opportunities and ultimately, balancing each channel’s cost of production and its role within your market. And those customers want the invoice to be easy to understand and for your team to communicate instantaneously and omnisciently with them—it’s the new customer service.

Meeting these challenges requires not only, active and focused management of resources, but also management of change within the operation’s culture. Immediacy and promotion are now attained through a volume of contents being directed, managed and curated for each channel that you adopt for your operation.

Stories attain added dimension because of reader comments on your website and this is reflected in your printed edition. Advertising takes on multiple forms that are not measured using modular or traditional methods. And the accounting of this process must be transparent within your operation, on the invoice you generate or business intelligence that you use. Better decision making through greater understanding has been a goal for a long time, but the data has never been more disparate.

Your human resources must meet the challenge of considering everything they work on to be connected with a package of editorial coverage or linked with an advertiser’s multimedia campaign. Accounting for time, resources and especially results requires systems, workflow and a capacity to change the traditional process that has been used in some cases, for decades.

Oh, and the cost to establish any new tools to do this must be low, the learning curve gradual and the system exactly the one you think you want—until of course, there is a new opportunity out there that you need to consider for your operation’s future.

Engaging readers in place and via their preferred tool means writing with multiple styles and voices. Remote capabilities, mobile journalism and promotion of your brand require a content management system that goes beyond its underlying technology to a workflow methodology that serves each user, their role, and every operation.

Understanding the inventory of customers in your market is your business, and it has been for a century or more, but establishing your operation’s role reaching customers elegantly, dynamically and cost effectively is an ongoing challenge. Digital ads on a smart phone, are not the same as they would be on a tablet.

Making a complex campaign proposal as simple as possible becomes the next challenge for a sales force to overcome.

What’s the best way to gain an understanding let alone mastery over these opportunities? Honesty. Didn’t think it could be that simple? It really is. The greatest core competency of publishers are understanding their market—who is in it, who wants to be, what are the challenge to their entry and how does the public feel about it? Honest answers to those questions and understanding the multitude of ways that your customers want to access the information should be what you pursue relentlessly through your operation. You will be pleased with the package of content you produce and the campaign that follows will establish greater value to your market.

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