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NIE Newspapers in Education/ Education Outreach Program

Help children in your community understand and remember Memorial Day

May 15, 2024

Wars to defend democracy are difficult for children to understand. Whether growing up in military families or not, when adults whom children know and love leave home in uniform, children have questions ...

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How to make a cloud in a jar

Apr 16, 2024

Many industries require employees with strong science and math knowledge. Kid Scoop brings science and math learning to your readers in a fun format.

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Celebrate Black History Month with young poet Amanda Gorman

Feb 1, 2024

She’s only in her twenties, yet she has captured hearts and minds throughout America with her powerful poetry. Her poetic work became so acclaimed that she spoke her poem, The Hill We Climb, at the ...

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Give Kindness for Valentine’s Day

Jan 16, 2024

Kid Scoop recommends giving and spreading kindness, as well. 

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Fun ways to keep your readers healthy

Dec 18, 2023

Publish these games, healthy habits and exercises to help families in your wintry circulation area.

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Florida Press Educational Services opens associate membership to non-Florida newspapers

Nov 15, 2023

Through NIE programs, teachers use newspapers, in both print and digital form, as a “living textbook” to teach subjects such as history, reading, math, economics and government at all grade ...

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Reach for new revenue through philanthropy

Nov 14, 2023

Yes, two benefits for one source of new revenue!

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Boost Halloween revenue with Kid Scoop

Oct 17, 2023

Show this Kid Scoop page to retailers who celebrate the holiday and to literacy non-profits that focus on helping children grow their reading skills.

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Does your community understand the value of professional journalism? Here’s help

Oct 1, 2023

Publish these pages during U.S. Media Literacy Week, October 23-27, 2023.

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