NNA Postal Hotline

National Newspaper Association provides postal consulting services for its members and by special agreement to members of News Media Alliance.

The hotline can help with:

  • Interpretations of postal rules
  • Entering mail properly
  • Slow service
  • Periodicals permits
  • And unsnarling a host of other conundrums that arise when newspapers (and their shoppers/TMCs) are in the mail

Consulting assistance is a member-benefit. For most effective help, please JOIN NNA or inquire for NMA about its member benefits. Membership in NNA includes a subscription to Publishers’ Auxiliary, featuring the column Postal Tips, which all mailing and circulation professionals at newspapers must read to be abreast of the rapidly-changing postal world.

The hotline services are generally free. Complex and detailed assistance may require a fee. Hotline providers will tell you before fees are incurred and explain your options.

To submit a question to the postal hotline, please go here: Postal Hotline - Formstack.