NNA allied member Vendasta shares info, resources for selling branded content

Kate Decker

May 1, 2023

Amber Nettles, senior VP of growth and strategy at the Chicago Reader, explains the different types of branded content and how to structure pricing around those types that generate the most staff resources.
Julia Campbell, general manager of the Meta Branded Content Project, explains to webinar attendees the value readers find in branded content done well.

Two seasoned branded content experts and practitioners — Julia Campbell, GM of Meta Branded Content Project, and Amber Nettles, senior VP of growth & strategy at the Chicago Reader — presented a webinar on April 13 designed for sales leaders in publishing and broadcasting.

Campbell and Nettles shared expert insights on the power of branded content to drive revenue and diversify revenue streams for media companies; best practices for creating authentic branded content that aligns with your overall digital sales and transformation strategy; pricing and packaging strategies for selling branded content and pitching it to brand partners effectively; understanding of the metrics to track in order to measure the success of your branded content and optimize your offerings; insights into how branded content fits into a publisher's overall digital sales and transformation strategy, and how it can be tied to other digital solutions required by local advertisers.

The event was hosted by Vishal Teckchandani, a senior content editor at Vendasta. Vendasta, an NNA allied member, has made the recording available at https://nna.org/branded-content-the-secret-weapon-for-successful-digital-media-companies