NNA works daily on postal issues that affect community newspapers. Its goals are to achieve fair rates, efficient service and a level competitive playing field between newspapers and direct mail competitors.

NNA represents community newspapers:

  • On the Postal Service’s Mailers Technical Advisory Committee

  • Before the Postal Regulatory Commission

  • With the House Oversight and Government Committee

  • The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee

Some of NNA’s achievements include:

  • Preserving the lowest commercial postage rate in the system—the Within County privilege—for community newspapers for more than 120 years

  • Gaining a new 5 percent discount for Outside County postage for total mailings of under 5,000 copies when a paper has the Within County privilege

  • Making sure a newspaper does not lose the privilege just because a postal carrier’s route wanders outside a county line

  • Gaining an extension for the requirement to shift to a new Intelligent Mail Barcode for automation discounts

  • Preserving next-day or better service standards for periodicals entered at local post offices or mail distribution facilities

Renewal notices can be mailed as Marketing Mail

August 30, 2018

In this column I’ll share actual questions received by NNA’s postal email hotline with answers that might be worthwhile to others.

Can charitable gift subs be counted as paid?

August 14, 2018

Here are more questions and answers from actual inquiries to the National Newspaper Association Postal Hotline in recent weeks.

Curbside postal delivery ending for new homes

June 14, 2018

The U.S. Postal Service is ending curbside delivery for new home construction in favor of cluster boxes, which would require residents to go to a central location in the neighborhood, much like what is done at apartment complexes.

NNA advises president’s postal task force on rates, service

June 14, 2018

In May, the National Newspaper Association held an initial meeting with the President’s Task Force on the U.S. Postal System, which is required to issue a report by mid-July on how to restructure the U.S. Postal Service. President Donald J. Trump set out the task force’s duties in an executive order earlier this year.

Physical standards for proper preparation of ‘flat’ mail like newspapers and magazines

May 4, 2018

I am sharing relevant content from a recent seminar I attended at the Kentuckiana District Postal Customer Council in Louisville by mailing specialist Ron Burch. I have found him to be a smart guy with in-depth knowledge of the rules in my dealing with that district office. He presented the rules on flat mail design elements, etc.

Trump authorizes task force for postal reorganization

May 4, 2018

President Donald J. Trump jumped into the postal reform wars in April with an executive order creating a 120-day task force to reorganize the troubled U.S. Postal Service.

Enterprise Payment System now operable for all postal accounts

April 9, 2018

The U.S. Postal Service has been unveiling for some months now the transition to a new, more secure business mail account payment system to migrate current users of the Centralized Account Processing System. It would also consolidate many different payment locations to run through one central account, now called Enterprise Payment System. It is not mandatory.

Postal Q & A … from the NNA postal hotline …

March 14, 2018

Every now and then, I like to share with all National Newspaper Association members some of the calls and emails we get from members where we have helped them in their businesses. Here’s a sample of recent, and hopefully relevant, questions with answers.

Flats trays can now be prepared without lids

February 12, 2018

The U.S. Postal Service has granted Periodical newspapers the option of preparing flats trays (white tubs) without lids and strapping, as required since 2006.

USPS eliminates green lids for some flats trays

February 1, 2018

National Newspaper Association President Susan Rowell, publisher of the Lancaster (SC) News, today celebrated a new ruling from the U.S. Postal Service that will make newspaper mailing easier.

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