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Content for Member Papers

NNA provides its members with content to reprint or post to websites.

This content includes columns by directors and NNA member newspapers, Freedom Forum Institute's First Amendment columns/ editorials (available weekly) and more. 

A First Amendment framework for effective dialogue in the classroom

Jul 30, 2020

David Callaway and Trey Daniel dive into the details and constitutional framework of the Georgia Rights, Responsibility, Respect Project as many Americans are preparing for their children to return to ...

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The cost to all citizens in a community when a newspaper closes

Jul 29, 2020

According to the study, “our main finding is that newspaper closures have a significantly adverse impact on municipal borrowing costs in the long run.”

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US Rep. John Lewis: A First Amendment Champion

Jul 23, 2020

Few people in history have so exemplified the hopes of the nation’s founders that the First Amendment’s strong protection for the freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition ...

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Fighting over the meaning of First Amendment freedoms

Jul 16, 2020

Gene Policinski discusses the current fight over the meaning of the First Amendment's 45 words, explaining many arguments and examples of people's theories, opinions and ideas of free expression in today's ...

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Coronavirus coloring and activity pages for kids and families — from Kid Scoop

Jul 14, 2020

Newspapers can publish these as two full pages or four half pages (see graphics).

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The next battle against government funding in religious schools?

Jul 9, 2020

By ruling that state governments choosing to subsidize private education must offer equal treatment to religious and secular schools, at least in the context of vouchers and tax credits, the court has ...

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The First Amendment and our rights to speak, assemble and seek change

Jul 2, 2020

Through it all, the First Amendment both fuels those voices and protects those rights — at times in collaboration with other amendments in the Bill of Rights.  

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Masks protect protesters in more ways than you think

Jun 26, 2020

Lata Nott argues that masks, which protect the health of protestors during the COVID-19 pandemic, also safeguard privacy and anonymity – and therefore our First Amendment freedoms.

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A moment for change: allies can make a difference

Jun 18, 2020

We are at another turning point in our nation’s history, and people of good faith want to be part of that change. This week, the Freedom Forum’s Power Shift Project hosted a webinar titled ...

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