NNA and NNAF Boards of Directors to welcome new faces

Sep 1, 2022


PENSACOLA, Florida — The National Newspaper Association (NNA) and NNA Foundation (NNAF) Boards of Directors will have new additions after their annual meetings this October in San Francisco.

The NNA Slate of Officers on whom members will be voting are Treasurer, Martha Diaz-Aszkenazy, San Fernando Valley Sun, California; Vice Chair, Jeff Mayo, Cookson Hills Publishing Inc., Sallisaw, Oklahoma; and Chair, John Galer, Hillsboro (Illinois) Journal News Inc.

Brett Wesner, Wesner Publications, Cordell, Oklahoma, will remain on the board as NNA Past President and Chair of the Public Policy Oversight Committee.
Beth Bennett, Wisconsin Newspaper Association, Madison, Wisconsin, has been re-appointed for another one-year term and Reed Anfinson, Swift County Monitor-News, Benson, Minnesota, has been appointed for a one-year term.

Up for re-election for three-year terms are Bill Jacobs, J. Louis “Louie” Mullen and Brad Thompson.

NNA membership will also be voting on two new NNA directors for two-year terms, CherryRoad Technologies’ Jeremy Gulban and APG’s Jeff Patterson.

Gulban has led CherryRoad Technologies since 2008. CherryRoad is a second-generation, family-owned business based in Parsippany, New Jersey. Jeremy has worked at the company his entire career, having started out as the accounts payable manager while still in college. Upon graduating from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey in 1997 with a B.A in Economics with a Minor in Political Science he moved into the systems integration side of the business. In this role he helped large scale commercial and public sector enterprises improve business processes and implement complex financial and procurement systems.

Jeff Patterson serves as the president of the central division within Adams Publishing Group, leading the division since November 2016. He currently works with regional presidents and publishers from within the APG Media of Minnesota, APG Media of Southern Minnesota, APG Media of Wisconsin, and APG Media of the Rockies groups. Prior to his current role, Patterson served as a Regional President at APG Media of Wisconsin beginning in July 2014. As part of the Annual Convention & Trade Show, NNA members will vote at their annual meeting of the business breakfast on Saturday, Oct. 8 in San Francisco. The NNAF board will vote on their slate of officers and directors at their annual meeting on Thursday, October 6, 2022.

For NNAF, the slate of officers up for election are Treasurer, Randy Keck, The Community News, Aledo, Texas; Vice President, Matt Adelman, Douglas (Wyoming) Budget; and President, Mike Fishman, Lakeway Publishers, Morristown, Tennessee.

Up for re-election, two-year terms, are Clara Garcia, Valencia County News-Bulletin, Belen, New Mexico; Janis Ware, The Atlanta Voice; Jeanie Hankins, The Wickenburg (Arizona) Sun; and Jeanne Straus, StrausNews, Chester, New York.

New directors up for election for one-year terms are, Patrick “Pat” Wood, Kate Oliver and Julie Maglio.

Patrick Wood is the chief executive officer and publisher of Multi Media Channels LLC, a Wisconsin media company that owns 23 weekly newspapers and 17 websites in central and northern Wisconsin. He also is the Chief Executive Officer of Extraordinary American Products LLC, which owns the Nicolet Coffee and Nicolet Foods. Patrick specializes in strategic planning and marketing communications programs. With over 20 years of experience running agency communications programs, Patrick knows how to manage consumer, retail, and business-to-business markets. His account experience prior to founding Wood Marketing and Communications Inc. includes Heinz, Nestle, Stouffers, Revlon, PharMor, and Chevron.

Kate Oliver is the business manager for the Rappahannock Record in Kilmarnock, Virginia. 

Julie B. Maglio is not just the editor of The Hernando Sun; she also owns and publishes the paper. She has learned the newspaper business on the job and is becoming very knowledgeable on full-page ads, double trucks, above the fold, and all things related to the business. Julie is from a family of artists and is accomplished as a large format mixed media painter. Her artistic talents were displayed in some of the earlier papers in the form of cartoons but currently are only displayed in layout and ad design.