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(Member login required) Annual readership survey confirms community newspaper readers are voters

August 29, 2019

PENSACOLA, Florida — Newspaper readers are voters, and the National Newspaper Association’s annual readership survey of more than 1,000 people from rural and urban communities across the country once again validated that point. 

Improve ‘work family’ relationships with communication

December 1, 2019

At a publication seminar I conducted, attendees talked about internal company friction and how staff members didn’t seem to have respect for each other. Enmeshed in this problem is a list of demands on staff: deadlines, dealing with other departments, dealing with other co-workers and pleasing management.

Although most of them thought of themselves as likeable with a good personality, warm smile, etc., they were still having problems in their relationships with others. What is the answer to this situation? What has to be done to create a proper atmosphere of trust, understanding, respect and just plain courtesy?

The answer is to realign your vocabulary. It’s not just a smile or a simple “how are you?” that gets an office aligned. Rather, it’s about understanding how simple expressions can help human relations.

Hers are seven points that will change things in inter-office relations:

Meet them where they are

December 1, 2019

Tim manages an ad sales team. “When I started my career in the newspaper business, I quickly learned that advertisers can be worlds apart in their knowledge of marketing,” he said. “That’s why one of my favorite sales principles is the old slogan, ‘Meet them where they are.’ 

“This means we have to recognize that our prospects have different levels of experience. Most of them don’t have our knowledge of the intricacies of newspapers. If we don’t talk to them on their level, they will tune us out. And most of them are too polite to tell us we’re doing a poor job of explaining things.” 

‘Unsung Heroes’ helped Galena promote community volunteerism

December 1, 2019

Volunteers benefit communities immeasurably.

They fight fires. They help the less fortunate. They make history come to life.

They free passengers from overturned cars. They help people at the worst moment of their lives.

Volunteers make communities great places to work, live and raise a family. Our special section, “Unsung Heroes: A Salute to our Volunteers,” celebrated the work of volunteerism and the spirit of community. Published in our Nov. 6, 2019, issue, the special section was magazine-sized.

We implemented several of our best-practices to develop stories, sell the section to advertisers and publish a unique keepsake edition.

Running high hurdles to visualized success

November 1, 2019

Several years ago, at the World Track and Field Championships in Stockholm, Sweden, the high hurdles champion was clocked at 12.6 seconds, which is a great achievement and of such magnitude it could be favorably compared to the time when the four–minute mile was broken.

This announcement prompted the author to recall a time when a young man lived in an area called “Hell’s Kitchen” … a poor, tough, raucous environment where the sun was obscured by the smoke from nearby factories. This was a skinny kid with low self-esteem, who had to fight many bullies and gang types on a daily basis.

Great ideas abound at NNA convention

November 1, 2019

In explaining my work, I sometimes say that there are thousands of really good journalists in rural America, but all too often, they are the only person in their newsroom that fits that description. They suffer from the isolation of rurality, with fewer opportunities than urbanites to rub shoulders and exchange ideas with their professional peers.

That observation applies to independent rural publishers, too. They might attend state newspaper meetings, but there’s nothing like the National Newspaper Association convention, where editors and publishers from New England, the North Woods, the Great Plains, the Corn Belt, the Deep South, the Intermountain West, the Pacific Coast and other regions exchange ideas. That’s especially important for the approximately one-third of weekly newspapers not owned by groups, which can be sources of ideas (and instruction). Get them together, and they love to help each other.

The super sales person who wasn’t so super, after all

October 1, 2019

Jim was a super sales person. He was so good that he broke all kinds of records at the publishing company where he worked. He consistently brought in more new business than anyone else on the advertising staff. And his numbers always ranked at the top of the weekly and monthly sales reports. 

Karen, Jim’s former manager, told me that he was the most disciplined team member they had ever had. “Jim was sell-sell-sell all the time. He came to the office every morning at 7 o’clock so he could leave voicemail messages on his prospects’ office phones. Then throughout the day, he followed a routine of prospecting and writing proposed media schedules. Everything he did was geared toward closing the deal so he could move on to the next prospect. If he lost a sale, it didn’t slow him down at all. He just brushed it off and kept going. 

10 advertising sales resolutions to make for the New Year

December 27, 2018

These resolutions will make every salesperson and their publications even better. This is the goal. The bottom line is to push every publication in front of their media competition and give it a stronger presence in their marketplace. The key thought is always, “What is our top-of-mind awareness strategy?”

Selling print advertising, or anything else, is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

December 27, 2018

One. Become the client’s “business partner” and not just another salesperson. Create a solid one-on-one relationship with the buyer centered on mutual trust, caring about the client’s needs and delivering valuable promotion and advertising ideas. Make an exceptional effort to understand the client’s business from his side of the desk or counter. Learn all you can about the client’s business and dreams and develop plans that will best benefit him. Have the “courage of your convictions” regarding your publication’s reach, readership credibility and unique benefits. Tell your story.

For the coming year: Thoughts about classifieds, Craigslist and BIG fish

December 27, 2018

WE ALL KNOW that classified pages in community newspapers have diminished, although not as much as they have in metro newspapers.

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