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The National Newspaper Association brings community newspapers revenue-generating ideas.

Pub Aux Live features publishers, editors, ad directors and others, with proven and workable ideas to increase revenue and help you build a stronger company in a question and answer format.













Protect Your Content: Learn about copyright laws to protect your media company

November 8, 2018

About the program: A new way for community newspapers to protect their content from infringers by registering their copyrights is now available from the U.S. Copyright Office. Streamlined, online, and on point, this new process will be explained by Erik Bertin, Deputy Director of Registration Policy and Practice, with guest moderator Matt Paxton, NNA’s Government Relations Chair.

Newspaper Libel: Why it's important to have the right libel insurance

October 11, 2018

About the program: It's important to have the right coverage when it comes to your libel insurance. Steve Thomas with Walterry Insurance Brokers,  provided answers as to what it takes to properly protect your business when it comes to libel suits.

Newspaper Safety: Protecting Your People

August 9, 2018

About the program: Newspaper safety has to encompass a wide variety of factors; from worker safety and emergency preparedness to compliance with federal and local ordinances, all the way to violence avoidance. It's important to keep one's employees safe and being prepared is a big first step. Join us for a look at how to create a safer working environment for your employees.

Graduation Section: A moneymaker for your newspaper

July 12, 2018

About the program: Graduation time in most communities is a special time for the students and their parents. It can also be a revenue generator for community newspapers. The Aledo (TX) Community News developed a strong graduation section that's sure to engage your readers and generate the revenue needed to pay for itself and then some.

Newsprint Expense Controls

June 14, 2018

About the program: Newspaper publishers and owners need to know what moves they can make to remain financially viable if the preliminary newsprint tariffs become permanent. Do you make deeper cuts in expenses or do you find ways to increase revenue or should it be a combination of both? You must mitigate any further damage to your operation. Caution should be taken when it comes to implementing changes. The key is to cause the least amount of disruption. Also, learn where we are in the tariff process.

10 Basic Photo Tips For Beginning Community Newspaper Photographers

May 10, 2018

About the program This photo primer will provide some basic tips for novice photographers at community newspapers. Guest Speaker Jeremy Waltner has won numerous photography awards for his work at his family-owned weekly newspaper. If you have new reporters that double as photographers, this is the program for them.

Baker's Dozen: 13 Low-cost ways to increase paid circulation

April 12, 2018

About the program This circulation building program was developed by Max Heath for Landmark Community Newspapers Inc. when he was still with the company full time. It provides a variety of ideas that your newspaper can implement right away.

Hats in the Ring: How to get more local political advertising

February 8, 2018

About the program:  This advertising program was developed by Roy Eaton and his staff at the Wise County Messenger in Decatur, TX. It was designed to bring in more political advertising during local and regional campaigns.

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Build Revenue with Senior Expos

January 11, 2018

About the program:  Leader publications in Festus, MO, holds four Senior Expos each year. Each event is supported and promoted with an edition of the company's senior magazine, Grand Times, which is inserted in the newspaper. All exhibitors must purchase an ad in the magazine and also pay for a booth at the event. It's a fun event, and many vendors return for all four events. These expos bring in an estimated $60,000 to $70,000 in added revenue each year.

Older Pub Aux Live programs

December 11, 2017

Cross-department circulation building

About this program: The Lancaster News came up with a way to increase its single-copy sales, increase subscriptions and increase ad revenue. This plan involved sampling the newspaper to 100 percent of the households in one ZIP code within the paper’s coverage area. It involved a cash drawing, with the contest and extra mailing costs covered by an advertiser.

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