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NNA provides its members with content to reprint or post to websites.

This content includes columns by directors and NNA member newspapers, Freedom Forum Institute's First Amendment columns/ editorials (available weekly) and more. 

Four key First Amendment cases to watch this Supreme Court term

Oct 7, 2021

The Supreme Court’s October term has begun, and it promises to be an eventful one for First Amendment watchers, writes Freedom Forum fellow David Hudson, highlighting four key cases to watch.

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Four First Amendment ‘where America stands’ findings that surprised experts (and 3 that didn’t)

Sep 30, 2021

We asked a wide range of First Amendment advocates and experts what struck them most about our findings in the recently released “Where America Stands” survey of First Amendment knowledge and ...

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Survey says we like our First Amendment rights – whatever they are

Sep 23, 2021

How deeply Americans value their First Amendment freedoms — and how divided Americans are on how those freedoms should work in the face of today’s challenges – is our 21st century challenge, ...

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PERSPECTIVE: First Amendment Day is a reminder we get to have a say

Sep 16, 2021

Constitution Day, Sept. 17, and First Amendment Day, Sept. 25, are both opportunities to celebrate the beauty and acknowledge the challenges of democracy. Above all, they remind us that we get to have ...

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PERSPECTIVE: Restricting speech in the name of safety, from panic to pandemic

Sep 9, 2021

Enacted just weeks after Sept. 11, the USA PATRIOT Act restricted civil liberties more than most agreed was necessary to protect national security. The act expired in 2020, just as a new threat, COVID-19, ...

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PERSPECTIVE: Protect assembly and petition by preserving listening at public meetings

Sep 2, 2021

Many public meetings are becoming so contentious – even violent – that they push the boundaries of the First Amendment’s right “peaceably to assemble,” says Gene Policinski, ...

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A shot in the arm for small business advertising - op-ed available

Aug 26, 2021

NNA is excited about the possibility of action in the Senate on legislation that would create several tax credits to help community newspapers. One is a credit that your advertisers could use to buy space ...

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PERSPECTIVE: Some First Amendment back-to-school advice

Aug 26, 2021

How can public school students express themselves in school this year? And what can parents or administrators do if they don’t like that expression? Here’s what students, administrators and ...

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PERSPECTIVE: Can the First Amendment protect educators from being fired for teaching about race?

Aug 19, 2021

A trend across the country has legislatures and education departments in more than 25 states working to ban some discussions of race in schools. Special correspondent Tony Mauro looks into why teachers ...

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